Meredith Receives $1 Million Unrestricted Gift

Meredith College is pleased to announce that an anonymous donor has recently given Meredith College a $1 million unrestricted gift. This gift demonstrates the confidence that this donor has in Meredith and understanding that there are needs that may not be planned in a fiscal year budget.

The $1 million gift was made in honor of President Jo Allen, by a classmate, to show her appreciation for what Allen is doing to elevate Meredith College.

“I am proud of what Jo Allen is accomplishing for Meredith and having one of our own at the helm makes a difference in engaging alumnae and keeping us connected,” said the donor. “Jo’s heart is so much with Meredith and making it strong now and for the future.”

The donor fondly remembers her four years living on campus and the wonderful education she received. Equally important are the bonds formed on campus that are alive and well all these years later. In fact, every year this group of old friends spends a weekend together catching up, celebrating successes, and grieving losses.

“Through all of life’s ups and downs, those Meredith women are always the first on my doorstep, sending an email or calling me on the phone to ask how they can help,” said the donor.

The donor is also pleased by how well Meredith has kept her connected through events on campus. She enjoys seeing the new programs created and the fact that the College is staying on the forefront of new class offerings and majors.

When asked how she decided to make her gift unrestricted, she replied, “I gave these funds as unrestricted because I wanted it to be a true gift where I ask for nothing in return…and I trust that President Allen will spend it wisely and consider thoughtfully what the need is for the College. I have the utmost confidence in that.”

The donor described the campus as a warm relationship-producing environment and said that she saw a strong advantage to attending a women’s college.

“However this gift is used. I know it will touch a student. My hope is that each student will become strong through her education, the friendships she forms, and memories she makes here at Meredith.”

Melyssa Allen

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