Meredith MBA Early Career Enrollment

Traditionally, the Meredith MBA has served working professionals who have significant experience. Now, recent college graduates who want to start their careers with a strong business knowledge base can apply for the Meredith MBA program.

Meredith’s flexible program offers a part-time, evening schedule that would be attractive to a working professional as well as a full-time program that couples those classes with an internship.

“The Meredith MBA is a credential that is highly recognized and that will be an asset for life,” School of Business Dean Kristie Ogilvie said. “The new early career option gives access to a value-added educational experience when those students have the time and commitment to enroll.”

Having classes with students who have varying experiences will be beneficial to all MBA program participants because it will more accurately replicate what graduates will experience in the workplace.

“Our classroom experience will be a more realistic job preview – a mid-level manager with a business background, another mid-level manager with an engineering background, an analyst, a traditional student who is an emerging leader, and an international student with a couple of years of experience in the business sector,” Ogilvie said. “This diverse team is what is experienced in the workplace, and we feel it is important to replicate that in the classroom.”

The Meredith MBA is a coeducational program offered through the AACSB-accredited School of Business. Learn more at or contact MBA Recruiter Allison Anthony at or (919) 760-8212.

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