Meredith Grounds Adds New Robotic Mowers 

Meredith College’s Grounds Department has added robotic mowers to its team. The new mowers will be used in several areas, helping maintain the beauty of the College’s 225-acre campus.

The robotic mowers, which are made by Husqvarna, will be used in grassy areas around the Athletic Field and Track Complex, the Oaks, Weatherspoon, the Science and Mathematics Building, and the softball field.

A primary benefit of the new equipment is that it allows Meredith’s grounds staff more time to do other projects. The new mowers will increase the efficiency and consistency of lawn care. With more frequent mowing there is less irrigation needed, less disturbance to natural habitats, and better turf health and appearance. The robotic mowers have no carbon emissions and are also quiet when in use.Upclose image of robotic mower

“We are excited to utilize the latest tools and technologies to more optimally maintain the health and beauty of our campus environment,” said Grounds Manager Aaron Schettler. “The addition of autonomous robotic mowers to our existing program enables us to increase the mowing frequency in several key areas of campus while simultaneously reducing emissions and improving our labor utilization.” 

Meredith’s Grounds Department is currently being trained in managing the new robotic mowers, which are soon to be in regular use on campus.

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