Meredith Community Members Progressing Through WordPress Training

In April, the Marketing Department collaborated with an outside vendor to transition the platform that supports from ExpressionEngine to WordPress. 

Like most content management systems (CMS), WordPress allows multiple users to edit and update website content. For several months, Web Developer and Designer Liza Bunce has been training members of the Meredith community to use WordPress so they can help with the challenging task of keeping updated and current. 

To date, 39 faculty and staff outside of Marketing have completed the training. 

“I have been so impressed by how well our community has done with their new skills and eagerness to learn,” said Bunce. “Everyone has picked it up well, and I’ve enjoyed getting to assist people when they needed it and then letting them do it on their own.”

Bunce said she will continue to hold training sessions as needed, both to finish training identified content contributors and to train staff and faculty who come to Meredith in the upcoming months. 

Long-term, she plans to assist community members when needed and schedule a refresher course several times a year to support those who don’t update their content as frequently. 

She is also monitoring CMS use by those who have been trained.

“We’re keeping track of how often our newly-trained content contributors are making updates so that we can provide them with as many resources as they need to allow the information to be as up-to-date as possible,” she said. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know more of the campus community through training and hope that it’s been helpful!”

Have you been identified as a content contributor and still need to be trained? Contact Liza Bunce to schedule your training session.

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