Meredith College Reboots Prestigious Scholarship

For 16 years, Meredith College has awarded the Alumnae Legacy Scholarship, the College’s most prestigious, full-ride scholarship, to strong women looking for a top-notch education. 

Established by a dedicated group of Meredith alumnae, the scholarship was six years in the making and has since attracted highly qualified students who thrived in college, became leaders on campus, and have gone on to successful careers in dentistry, law, education, and more. 

As the Meredith Full-Ride Merit Scholarship, it retains its original intent of bringing exceptional scholars and leaders to Meredith’s campus and preparing them for lives of impact and distinction.

About the Scholarship 

The Full-Ride Merit Scholarship encompasses both the Alumnae Legacy Scholarship and the Presidential Scholarship, which previously covered tuition and international travel. The Full-Ride Merit Scholarship will be offered to a cohort of students each year starting fall 2024.

Recipients of the revised scholarship who remain in good academic standing will receive tuition, food, housing, and fees annually for four years, as well as funding for international study. They are guaranteed admission to the Honors Program, will participate in cultural and social events with a cohort of peer scholars, and benefit from networking opportunities with community leaders and alumnae/i.

Students can apply for the Full-Ride Merit Scholarship through the Honors application process. The profile of recent recipients includes a weighted GPA of 4.65, demonstrated leadership and service to others, and strong communication and interpersonal skills. Although typical recipients’ profiles also included average SAT/ACT scores of 1510/34, admission to Meredith College, including the Honors Program, is test optional.

Scholarship History

The Full-Ride Merit Scholarship, previously known as the Alumnae Legacy Scholarship, was created by alumnae who were passionate about providing a Meredith education to highly qualified applicants and drawing the strongest candidates to the College. Ione Kemp Knight, ’43, Elizabeth Triplett Beam, ’72, and other alumnae led the campaign to secure Meredith’s academic legacy through the creation of the prestigious scholarship.

Over the years, alumnae donors have supported recipients in a variety of ways, demonstrating their commitment to the students who received this honor. Alumnae have served as mentors, provided internships, and offered quality-of-life enrichment opportunities. They also have attended student presentations, performances, lectures, and athletic events.

In recent years, the word “legacy” has become more problematic, particularly in the context of admissions practices in higher education. At many schools, legacy status means the children and grandchildren of graduates get admissions preference over other applicants. Meredith does not use legacy status as a characteristic or bonus in admission considerations, which is one reason the scholarship is now referred to by the more direct name “Meredith Full-Ride Merit Scholarship.”

“Although the intent behind the original name was to honor the alumnae who came together to establish the scholarship, we are aware that the previous name may have been a barrier to potential applicants and off-putting to those aware of the controversy around legacy admission and those whose families did not attend Meredith,” said Kristi Eaves-McLennan, vice president for marketing and communications. “We hope that being more direct will clarify this incredible opportunity, regardless of any familial connections to Meredith, for strong applicants who may have previously ruled themselves out.”

To apply for the Full-Ride Merit Scholarship, students should apply to the Honors Program. The deadline to apply for the Honors Program is January 15; students are encouraged to apply for admission to the College via Early Decision or Early Action.

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