Meredith College Provides Warm Welcome to Class of 2021

Move-In Day is a favorite tradition of residence life staff, including the resident assistants who help serve their fellow students.

“Move-In Day is very special at Meredith College. It is full of welcoming faces who will help these students throughout their experience at Meredith,” said Resident Assistant Emma Lee Bridgers, ’18. “Our goal is for the residence hall to be a home away from home.”

Chief Student Advisor Meg Sink, ’18, enjoys how involved the entire campus – including alumnae – is in welcoming the new class.

“Everywhere you turn there are faculty, staff, or alumnae waiting to help. They are just as excited as the student leaders and new students,” Sink said.  “To me, their participation in Move-In Day is just one of the many examples of how much Meredith truly cares about its students. You are never just a number at Meredith, but rather, someone to invest in.”

Alumnae also enjoy the opportunity to be on campus during the excitement of Move-In Day.

“Move-In Day is such an exciting time and a great opportunity to meet the new Angels as they arrive and to welcome them home,” said Courtney Allen, ’10.  “I am grateful that we as alumnae have the opportunity to come back to campus every year and help. I know I am not the only one who gets nostalgic every time I pull onto campus.”

Parents also get involved with helping welcome new students and their families. Parents Council member Michelle Bueti traveled from Danbury, Conn., to volunteer this year. Bueti recalled arriving with her daughter, Victoria Bueti, ’20, for last year’s event.

“The second we turned the car onto the property last year, people were screaming, banging pots and pans, and making our 14-hour drive to school to drop our daughter off worthwhile,” Bueti said.  “I wanted to be a part of it this year as a volunteer because as a participant it was amazing. I wanted to provide that same experience to the class of 2021.”

Members of the first-year class come from 17 states and five countries, including Croatia, Indonesia, Kenya, and Singapore. In Fall 2017, Meredith welcomed more than 650 new undergraduate and graduate students. The College’s total student population is nearly 1,900 students.

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