Meredith College Finalizes New Articulation Agreement with NC State 

Meredith College has finalized a new articulation agreement with NC State that provides priority admission into Meredith’s Master of Science in Nutrition–Accelerated Dietitian Nutritionist Track (MS-ADNT) to up to four qualified NC State nutrition science undergraduate students. 

As of January 1, 2024, a master’s degree is required to become a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), meaning nutrition science undergraduate students at NC State who want to earn their RDN credential must enter an ACEND-accredited graduate program to continue toward that goal. 

“With the longstanding relationship between Meredith College and NC State, the close proximity of both campuses, as well as the high quality of undergraduate students that graduate from the nutrition sciences program, it made sense that we form this agreement that would benefit both institutions and their students,” said Meredith College Assistant Professor of Food and Nutrition Coleman Hale, the MS-ADNT program director.  

Under the articulation agreement, NC State will recommend interested students for Meredith College to consider for the four available spots in the MS-ADNT program.

“We will review applications and offer priority admission to the top four candidates. These individuals will know before the general admission deadline of January 1 that they have been accepted to the program,” Hale said.  

Any students not offered priority admission will be considered with other applicants at the general admissions deadline. 

“Because there is a limited number of spots in the MS-ADNT program and the high levels of interest from prospective students, this is a great opportunity for NC State Nutrition Science undergraduates to secure a spot in this program,” she added.

Meredith College and NC State will both benefit from the new agreement. 

“Meredith College seeks top students for this rigorous program. Our colleagues at NC State University are aware of the type of student who would perform well in this demanding program and can provide recommendations that help us fill our program with qualified students who are up to the challenge of spending time in both the classroom and field each week,” Hale said.

The agreement also allows NC State Nutrition Science to support their students’ goals of becoming registered dietitians under the new master’s degree requirement.

“Since NC State does not offer an accredited master’s program, this ensures that their students have a pathway forward to a competitive Master of Science in nutrition program that is well established and respected in the community,” Hale said. “Additionally, the priority admission lets four of their students know quite early that they have been accepted and allows them to move forward with making their graduate school decisions.”  

The Meredith College Master of Science in Nutrition–Accelerated Dietitian Nutritionist Track (MS-ADNT) is a new track that launched in Fall 2023. This track is a newer style of nutrition program that was created by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) to help streamline the pathway toward becoming a registered dietitian.

Meredith College has a historically strong Master of Science in Nutrition program.  

“Even though the MS-ADNT program is ‘new’, the curriculum utilizes some of the courses from our other program, and the same wonderful faculty are teaching the courses,” Hale said.

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