Meredith College Exceeds $1 Million Giving Day Goal

Meredith College raised $1,349,106 in just 24 hours during the College’s eighth annual Make It Count for Meredith Giving Day, held on February 28, 2023. The fundraising event exceeded its $1 million fundraising goal by more than $300,000, and a total of 2,762 donors contributed to the campaign. Initially, a total of $1,329,823 was raised but additional cash gifts were counted from the day that were not given on the Giving Day website.

The $1 million goal was met at 7:30 p.m. after an anonymous donor gave a $100,000 gift. Alumnae, parents and families, faculty and staff, friends, and students continued to give and several matching gift challenges in the evening built momentum until the end of the day, which showed our students how alumnae and donors support their education.  

Gifts could be designated to any fund. The college’s greatest needs, other funds designated by the donor, study abroad, scholarships & financial aid, and athletics were the top five funds given to in the 24 hour period.

Various matching gift challenges throughout the day from alumnae, the Board of Trustees, friends of the College, Meredith parents and families, the Alumnae Association Board of Directors, and the Young Alumnae Board helped motivate donors to give. A daylong competition between the Odd and Even classes showed the competitive spirit of Meredith. The Evens won that competition over the Odds by 93 donors. The Class of 2001 had the most donors for the Odds. The Class of 1982 had the most donors for the Evens and the most overall donors. The Class of 1977 raised the most money.

As in past years, donors were asked to make a gift in honor of a strong woman or group of strong women in their life. Many donors shared who they honored on social media by holding the Giving Day sign or sharing videos and using the #MakeItCount4mc. Social media also stayed active throughout the day with videos from President Jo Allen, ʼ80, Director of the Meredith Fund Jean Gambrill, Vice President for College Programs Jean Jackson, ’75, Director of Alumnae Relations Hilary Allen, ʼ01, Alumnae Association President Courtney Allen, ʼ10, and phonathon students who updated the audience on giving totals, announced challenges, and encouraged donors to honor a strong woman with their gift. By the end of the day, donors represented 4 countries, 43 states, and Washington, D.C.

Gift agents, ambassadors, Meredith Fund Advisory Board members, Alumnae Board members, and Young Alumnae Board members also supported the day. A total of 191 volunteers contributed to the success of Giving Day and engaging their classmates and fellow alumnae.

“I am so thankful for our donors on Giving Day,” said Jean Gambrill, director of the Meredith Fund. “They showed our students that they care about their education and learning outside of the classroom. Every gift will help our students, and that is the goal of this special day.”

To see totals, gift designations, and class leaderboards from Giving Day 2023 go to

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