Meet Legacy Scholar Mimi Mays

Eager to broaden her leadership abilities, Mimi Mays, ’20, strives to make a difference in every community she joins. A Meredith Legacy Scholar and Honors student, Mimi is pursuing a double major in psychology and communication, with minors in French and professional writing.

Mimi’s interest in Meredith was piqued when she learned her grandmother was a Meredith College alumna. She discovered more about Meredith’s community and what its students and faculty had to offer during her college search and decided a Meredith education would be conducive to greatness.

“All my professors are great role models,” Mimi said. “I feel so lucky to know them.”M

Since her arrival at Meredith, Mimi has been accepted into the Meredith Jazz and Tap Company. She has always been motivated to excel in academics, but she also tries to achieve excellence in the arts, specifically dancing and playing the piano. Mimi has since joined various other organizations on campus, including Female Empowerment at Meredith, French Club, Psych Club, and Communication Club. She is thankful to have opportunities to connect with classmates and upperclassmen in Meredith’s small, close-knit community.

“Everyone cares about you and can help you get where you need to be,”said Mimi.

Upon graduating from Meredith, Mimi plans to attend graduate school in the field of study she finds most interesting. Although Mimi is not yet certain where her career will begin, she knows she ultimately wants to be a college or university professor. And thanks to Meredith’s supportive and informed faculty and staff, Mimi knows she will have no problem finding the classes and career development resources that are most beneficial to her.

“It’s all thanks to my brief time at Meredith that I know even a little about what my path in life will be – I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

By Darrielle Milford, ’19

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