M.A. in Criminal Justice Program Director Bianca Harris Faculty Spotlight

The M.A. in Criminal Justice Program just released a list of all reentry resources in the state of North Carolina by county. Reentry is the process of moving incarcerated people back into the community. The program has agreed to keep this list available for probation officers, prison officials, and those who work in nonprofit programs that help this population. Finding services for women is particularly problematic since many women have children living with them and finding jobs, housing, transportation, and education resources can be difficult, if not impossible, in some parts of the state. This list has been welcomed by others in the community who work with this population. Guided by M.A. Program Director Bianca Harris, student workers, and student interns have contacted all the counties and will continue this over time. The list will be updated regularly on July 1 and January 1 of each year.

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