Library Celebrates 16th Annual CSA Day

Across campus excitement starts to build as Celebrating Student Achievement (CSA) Day approaches. Needless to say, the library’s faculty and staff are particularly excited for CSA Day as research is at the heart of what we do throughout the year. For us to be able to support students’ research, and then see them present their completed projects at CSA Day, marks an especially important day for them, and us.

The library was happy to be the place that kicked off CSA day with poster sessions on the ground floor starting at 7:30 a.m. The space was bustling as 44 students presented their research to faculty, staff, and students. Most students were juniors and seniors, but some students were freshman and sophomores who are going to continue on with their research during their college careers at Meredith. We are looking forward to seeing how their projects progress!

The library also hosted a sustainability session, called “Making it More Sustainable” during lunch that was well attended too. The session showcased curriculum that highlights sustainability and there were posters from fields as diverse as religion, politics, fashion, interior design, and science. Professor Shannon Grimes, Department Head of Religious and Ethical Studies, said she “loved seeing how even though our students major in different subjects, we all share similar environmental concerns. A multi-disciplinary approach to environmental problem solving is needed, and I was proud to see our students working on these issues in such creative and thoughtful ways.”

Students have already been approved for their summer research projects and the library will be open during those months to offer research support. The library staff are already looking forward to seeing what our students will discover, and present, from their summer research endeavors!

Melyssa Allen

News Director
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