How to Have a Strong Year

As Meredith College kicks off another academic year, a number of community members shared some advice for incoming students.

“Get to know your RA! They are fun, dedicated, and love to help students get connected.”
Launa Steward, M.Div.
Residence Director

“I hope new students will take advantage of all of the opportunities at Meredith and immerse themselves in the campus community. Find a club or organization and become a member, apply to be an RA or SA, run for an office in SGA or in your class, study abroad for the semester or the summer, participate in and attend campus lectures, events, performances, sports, and traditions. Say yes to these new experiences and opportunities. Doing so will allow you to fully experience Meredith but will also create lasting relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students.”
Hilary Allen, ’01
Director of Alumnae Relations

“Take time to explore the many opportunities that Meredith offers and get involved in ways that align with your passions and goals.”
Mary Maul, ’24
Chief Student Advisor

“I would encourage any new student to balance saying YES to as many of the many wonderful opportunities available to them as possible while also making time to rest and take care of themselves because this is a big transition. And as exciting as it is, it can also feel stressful or overwhelming at times. Take good care of yourselves and let us know what you need – there is a whole community of students, faculty, and staff here who are eager to support you however we can!”
Jennifer Glass
Assistant Director of International Programs

“Engage in attentive listening during orientation as you familiarize yourself with the array of available resources. Your active presence while learning about these resources will enhance your ability to recall the student-specific support mechanisms. Extend this approach to your courses post-orientation. The greater your presence in the classroom, the higher the likelihood of retaining valuable information, thereby potentially diminishing study-related stress.”
Beth Hwang, ’13
Director of StrongPoints®

“I love move-in day – it’s my favorite tradition at Meredith. There’s a lot of hope for the adventures and friendships to come. My advice to students is to embrace that hope and appreciate Meredith for the special place it is.”
Anne R. Robinson
Class of 2017

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