How and When to Contact the Student Success Center Team

The Student Success Center provides Meredith students with advising, success coaching, peer tutoring, and mentoring. This office combines the service of the Learning Center, the Office of Academic Advising, and Student Success and Retention into one team. 

The information below is meant to help faculty and staff understand how and when to contact the Student Success Center and to provide guidance on each team member’s responsibilities.

“Our ultimate goals are to support faculty, staff, and students in creating a culture of care that leads to higher retention and graduation rates. We offer peer tutoring, testing services for students with documented accommodations, academic advising support, and success coaching,” said Director of the Student Success Center Tina Romanelli.

The team can be reached by emailing or The Student Success Center offices are physically located on the bottom floor of the Carlyle Campbell Library and on the first floor of Park Center, across from Human Resources.

Students can make an appointment with the Learning Center or the Student Success Center by visiting this website. The same link works for making an appointment with a tutor or with one of our professional staff.

The chart below provides additional insight to help the Meredith community know whom to contact for different needs.

Name and Title Services Contact Info
Lilly Wood, Administrative Assistant and Testing Facilitator
(919) 760-2800
CCL 020 (Bottom floor of the library)
Lynn Ghodbane, Success Coach Success Coaching for first-year students – If you’re teaching freshmen and they’re struggling, reach out to a success coach
(919) 760-8787
Park 113
Taylor Mullins, Success Coach Success Coaching for first-year students – If you’re teaching freshmen and they’re struggling, reach out to a success coach
(919) 760-8809
Park 106
William Christy, Learning Specialist and Tutoring Coordinator (Starting 8/29)
  • Success Coaching for AWESTEM scholars
  • Recovery (Probation) Advising
  • Tutor Training and Mentorship
Park 116
Steven Lemmons, Academic Advisor
  • Faculty Advising Development and Support
  • Recovery (Probation) Advising
  • Transfer Advising Management
  • Academic Planning for all students
  • Support for Enrollment Processes and Student Advisors
(919) 760-8062
Park 112
Victoria Munn, Associate Director
  • Retention and Enrollment Concerns
  • Success Coaching Supervisor
  • Recovery (Probation) Advising
  • Academic Standing Appeals Committee
  • Support for Enrollment Processes
(919) 760-8313
Park 107
Tina Romanelli, Director
  • Questions about any of the above or that you might have asked Alex Davis or Brandon Stokes
  • Retention Data and Strategies
  • Faculty Advising Development
  • Tutor training and tutor recommendations
  • Program development, like embedded tutoring
  • Support for and Planning of Enrollment Processes
(919) 760-8554
Park 117 or in the Learning Center
Melyssa Allen

News Director
316 Johnson Hall
(919) 760-8087
Fax: (919) 760-8330