Help Us Track Our Strong Student Outcomes

As you know, institutional accountability for student career outcomes has become a top priority across the country. The Department of Education, the White House College Scorecard, and accrediting boards, along with current and prospective students and their parents, want data on what students do with their college degrees after graduation.

In an effort to provide this data, the Office of Career Planning has facilitated the collection of student outcomes since the 1980s. Two years ago we moved to a more efficient process using The Outcomes Survey®. Previously, our office requested and received information from faculty regarding graduates in their particular discipline. Now that we have acquired this new software procedure, we have the opportunity to greatly enhance and improve our outcomes reporting.

Students who are graduating in May were asked to respond to The Outcomes Survey® beginning on April 13 during an official launch celebration. They will be prompted to update their responses at three, six, and nine month intervals after graduation. This multi-contact survey approach will yield data that genuinely represent the wide diversity of first destinations Meredith graduates pursue, including employment, graduate school, fellowships, service and gap year programs, military service and entrepreneurial endeavors.

We are asking for your support! We know faculty and staff have strong and lasting connections with our students. Please encourage Meredith students to complete the survey prior to graduation and update their responses as appropriate during the following nine months.  Students can access the survey by clicking the “Got My Wings” button on the Office of Career Planning landing page.

Meredith graduates have great stories, and their responses to The Outcomes Survey® will help us tell these stories to current and prospective students through recruiting, academic and career advising, the White House College Scorecard, and the media. Thank you for your support.

—Submitted by Dana Sumner, Director, Office of Career Planning

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