Graduate Nutrition Alumni Leaders in Field

Graduates of Meredith College’s Graduate Nutrition programs are rapidly becoming leaders in their field.

Elizabeth Hurley,’16, M.S. in Nutrition, recently won the NC Dietetic Association Outstanding Dietetic Student Award for 2017, in recognition of her impressive record in academics, service and leadership. Hurley also received Meredith’s Food and Nutrition Graduate Award for Leadership in 2016.

Following the results of a recent election, Meredith graduate make up the majority of the Board seats for the 2017-18 North Carolina Dietetic Association. Elizabeth Hurley is President-Elect, Kathleen Maloney, ’15, M.S. in Nutrition, is now Secretary, and Jasmine St. Deny,’15, M.S. in Nutrition, was elected Treasurer.

“The fact that 75% of the Board in our local dietetic organization is made up of Meredith graduates highlights the success of our Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetic Internship programs,” said Bill Landis, professor and department head, nutrition, health, and human performance.

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