Faculty/Staff Accomplishments and News Briefs 12/6/17

In this issue we celebrate accomplishments of faculty and staff in fashion, marketing, and political science. We also share news from Undergraduate Research and Honors.

Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising & Design Ali Howell presented two papers at the International Textiles and Apparel Association annual conference in St. Petersburg, Fla., on November 14 – 17. The first paper presented was a product of student work from FMD 299/499 classes this summer. Students assisted in coding the data and writing portions of the analysis, “Teaching Intersectional Identity through Beyoncé’s Lemonade.” Howell was a co-author on the second paper with researchers from Ohio University, Ohio State University, and Georgia Southern University. This paper, “Exploring the Meaning of the Pussy Hat,” was nominated for one of the conference’s “best papers.”

Assistant Professor of Political Science Whitney Ross Manzo gave an invited talk at Texas Tech University on November 13. She spoke with 300 students about the ways terrorists use global communication and social media to recruit and make money. While on campus, Manzo also gave a presentation to political science majors about careers they could pursue following graduation as part of their “Pizza and Politics” series.

Visual Communication Director Vanessa Harris and Content Strategy Manager Gaye Hill presented “How an In-House Creative Team Can Develop the Videos They Really Want to Make” at the 2017 American Marketing Association (AMA) Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, November 12-15 in Atlanta, Ga. Vice President of Marketing Kristi Eaves-McLennan, Managing Director of Marketing Karen Dunton, and News Director Melyssa Allen also attended the conference, which featured keynotes from marketing executives at Google and Coca-Cola, and focused sessions on brand strategy, digital marketing, audience engagement, organizational leadership, and data intelligence.

News Briefs
URP Receives DuPont Fund Grant

The Undergraduate Research Program has been awarded a $43,300 grant from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund for support of students and faculty doing interdisciplinary research at Meredith in summer 2018.  This funding will support four to five undergraduate research projects, each involving faculty and students from multiple disciplines.

One goal of this endeavor is to help students understand that many research questions concerning contemporary issues and problems can best be addressed and resolved using multiple perspectives.

Paul Winterhoff, Director of Undergraduate Research, and Carolina Perez-Heydrich, Assistant Professor of Biology, collaborated on developing this grant request with the support of Cindy Godwin, Associate VP for Institutional Advancement. Perez-Heydrich will be the Coordinator of the summer program.  This will be the third straight summer in which our research students and faculty have benefited from the generous support of the Jessie Ball duPont Fund.

Remember Honors AH / BH grading
For Faculty: As a reminder of pending Honors contracts in your course(s), Mary Doyle recently sent you copies of your Honors students’ contracts for Fall ‘17. Remember that Honors students must earn an AH or BH grade in contracted courses to receive Honors credit. (AH means ‘A for the course, Honors contract completed ‘satisfactorily’, and BH means . . . you get the idea.)

Teachers may still use A-F grading in cases where an Honors contract is not satisfied.

When reporting final semester grades on WebAdvisor in coming days, please remember to use AH / BH grading, as appropriate. By doing so, you will save the Honors office many hours of follow-up and you will not be contacted again by email!

Thank you for your collaboration with Honors students and for enhancing their Meredith College education. Please write to Brent Pitts at if you have questions.

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