Every Gift Matters

Leslie Hayes, ’80, learned the importance of alumnae support while she was still at Meredith. As a student worker in the alumnae office, one of her jobs was to open the mail and record the gift on an index card with the name of the graduate.

“I quickly learned that each gift a graduate sent in made a difference,” said Hayes. “I remember wanting to have a good job so that I could have an index card with my name on it, because I knew that my gift would matter!”

Hayes has succeeded in her early ambition to have a “good job.” She interviewed with Wachovia Bank on Meredith’s campus the spring of her senior year and was immediately hired. Today, she works for the same organization, now Wells Fargo, and has risen steadily through the ranks to her current position of business banking division manager. She credits Meredith with providing a strong foundation that prepared her to succeed professionally.

“I often tell people that while at Meredith you felt that you could do anything that you set your mind to, and I believe that carried over to my job at the bank,” said Hayes. “My education gave me the ability to learn, ask questions, work in a team, and strive for excellence.”

In addition to learning from first-rate professors and developing lifelong friendships, Hayes cited several powerful Meredith experiences that helped shape her. She was business manager for The Twig, the college newspaper, and gained real-world experience through an internship with Burroughs Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline).

“I definitely remember being part of the Tomorrow’s Business Women’s Club – we liked how that sounded,” she said.

Today Hayes is excited about the direction of the College, especially the new Going Strong brand. She serves on the Board of Trustees, and she gives generously to the Opportunity Fund and The Meredith Fund.

“I give to Meredith because it made a difference in my life. I want to be sure that future Meredith students have the same experience to learn and grow and build the type of friendships that I still have today.”

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