Donors Support Meredith with Gifts and Engagement

Alumnae and friends of Meredith College have played an integral role in supporting students in the past fiscal year. Contributing and volunteering shows students they have people who care about their education, time outside the classroom, health, future careers, and overall experience at Meredith. The College is thankful for all who have made students’ experiences even better. 

For the fiscal year 2022-23, the total raised for major gifts ($25,000 or more), annual, and planned gifts was $14,158,775. There were 50 major gifts and 14 new endowments established. An endowment generates earnings each year to be spent in a way chosen by the donor, and the principal of the endowment remains untouched. In this way, endowments continue to help Meredith College in perpetuity, strengthening the future of the College.

“We were thrilled with the tremendous support from our alumnae and friends of the College, especially given rising interest rates, increasing inflation, and a significant downturn in the stock market last year,” says Lennie Barton, vice president of institutional advancement. “It is a testament that our campus community is important to our donors and they believe in the education we are providing.”

The Meredith Fund, our annual giving program, raised $2.9 million in 2022-23.

  • The funds raised were the result of gifts from 5,067 donors.
  • Those gifts supported the greatest needs of the College, scholarships, athletics, study abroad, diversity and equity initiatives, student programming, and more.
  • Make It Count for Meredith Giving Day raised $1,349,106, surpassing the goal of $1 million.
  • Parents and Families Giving reached $57,578 and supported furniture for the following patios: Woodlief Garden, a residence hall courtyard, The Oaks, and between the Carlyle Campbell Library and the Lux building.  
  • Faculty and staff giving participation was 71.4%.


“These levels of support are a remarkable example of our Meredith philanthropic community,” said Jean Gambrill, director of the Meredith Fund. “The combined results of our individual contributions from alumnae and friends are a wonderful reminder of the important role our donors play in the life of the College. We greatly appreciate the gifts from those who have come together in the spirit of Meredith to make this collective impact.”

The Office of Alumnae Relations coordinated 110 events with over 5,000 attendees representing 39 states as well as Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, five countries, and 71 different classes. Over 600 alumnae celebrated with their classmates at Alumnae Reunion Weekend in May. At Reunion Weekend 35 class years ranging from 1948-2023 were in attendance. Each event gave alumnae the opportunity to reconnect with one another and the College. 

Alumnae Relations continued promoting the Meredith Mentors platform to students and alumnae/i through on-campus events and advertising. This year saw significant growth in the number of users with a total of 2,458. The Alumnae Business Directory also launched this year. Alumnae business owners are encouraged to use this resource to network with each other and promote their businesses. Business owners featured in the directory will receive a branded marketing packet complete with digital badges and a window cling to be displayed in their storefront, company vehicle, email signature, company website, and more.  The Alumnae Travel Program was rebranded as Angel Adventures with a new look and logo. The travel program continues to allow alumnae and friends to travel together. Trips this year included Northern Italy, England, France, Canyon Country, and New York City. 

“Outreach is at the heart of everything we do within the Office of Alumnae Relations. We are always looking for new, innovative ways to engage alumnae in the life of the College,” said Hilary Allen, ʼ01, director of alumnae relations. “In addition to our in-person events, such as Alumnae Reunion Weekend, on-campus events, and regional events, programming such as Meredith Mentors, Angel Adventures, virtual events, student events and 1891 Club, the student Alumnae Association, and the Alumnae Business Directory provide us with other methods to engage our alumnae. It speaks to the power of our alumnae base and their dedication to their alma mater. As we begin the fall semester, we are excited about the upcoming year and once again connecting and engaging our alumnae.”

Thank you to all who supported the campus community and continue to show Meredith students their education is important and what they do inside and outside the classroom has value.

Melyssa Allen

News Director
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