Connection Corner: Vacation Favorites

With COVID-19 causing travel limitations, enjoy some virtual travel through some of the vacation favorites shared by Meredith faculty and staff for this edition of Connection Corner.

Professor of Theatre Steven Roten: “One of my favorite places to get away is Bald Head Island, N.C. The island is only accessible via a ferry that leaves from Southport, N.C., and there are no cars on the island. Transportation is by golf cart or bike and there are only a few commercial enterprises on the island. A well stocked grocery store, two or three restaurants, a golf club with a beautiful course, and a sea turtle conservancy are among the few distractions on the island outside of the wonders of nature. The end result is that time slows down. Waaaay down. My stress levels drop as soon as I step foot on the ferry. There are some magnificent properties on the island that you can rent, and a small Bed and Breakfast for shorter trips. You can also mix-up your experience depending on where you stay on the island. A stay in the maritime forest, the beach, or in the harbor each offer completely different experiences.”

Emily P. Parker, Director of Advancement and Strategic Communications: “I grew up vacationing every summer on Ocracoke Island with my sister, Mom, and Dad. My sister or I would ride across the Pamlico Sound on our sailboat with our Dad and the other would take the ferry across with my Mom so we had our truck to access the beach. We stayed on our sailboat all week (water camping!) and had the truck to drive on the beach. I had so many fun memories of this magical little island growing up that my husband and I started doing the same trip 10 years ago with our two boys. One son goes on our boat with their Dad and one on the ferry with me. We fish, explore the sandbar and find sea creatures, hike through Springer’s Point with all the beautiful live oaks, ride bikes everywhere, and of course, drive our truck on the beach and spend countless hours. For the Parker family, it truly is a little slice of heaven on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I am happy to share some of my childhood with my boys.”

Gaye Hill, Content Strategy Manager: “One of my favorite places to visit is The Maritimes, a region of Eastern Canada. My mom is Canadian and most of her family still lives there. I grew up going to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the summers, and they are absolutely beautiful as well as nostalgic for me. I will be happy when the borders are open again so I can go back!”

Charlotte McKinney, Assistant Director of Visual Communication-Multimedia: “Hawaii is one of my favorite places that I have ever visited.  As a photographer I did not get bored with the scenery at all.  I love how you can see so many types of terrain in such a small area.  You go from jungle to volcanic rocks in a short leap.  It is truly a magical place I encourage everyone to visit at least once. Copenhagen, Denmark,  is another place I have really enjoyed.  It is a beautiful city with lots to explore.  Don’t forget to watch out for bikers though!”

Professor of Theatre & Director of Meredith in Italy Catherine Rodgers: “I am very fortunate to lead study abroad programs in both Italy and the United Kingdom.  I love both countries equally so it is quite difficult to select one over the other–almost like preferring one child over another.  However, I have to say that if I could pick a vacation spot I would go on a holiday to Cinque Terre with my family.  The scenery is so beautiful, the water so blue, and the food so delicious, that has to be my favorite place to unwind!”

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