Book Published by Professor of French Dr. Brent Pitts

Professor of French Dr. Brent Pitts is the author of a new book, The Anglo-Norman Bible’s Book of Joshua, published by Brepols Press.Book cover of Brent Pitts new book.

From the book description: “The Anglo-Norman Bible’s Joshua includes tales of spies, giants, the prostitute Rahab, the punishment of Achan, oracles, and Joshua’s brilliant military victories. Joshua stops the sun. The first half of the book relates Joshua’s stunning conquests in Canaan. The second half, the apportionment of the land among the tribes, detailed geographical surveys of territorial boundaries, and the death of Joshua.  Skilful, well-paced storytelling is a feature of the ANB’s Joshua. To the accounts of Rahab and Achan we may add the chronicle of Joshua’s successful, crushing campaign in the wake of the destruction of Makkedah. In rapid succession, and in an annalistic style involving staccato repetition of key phrases, the narrator relates the destruction of Libnah, Lachish, Eglon, Hebron, and Debir.”

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