Assessment Matters: Spring 2022 Student Satisfaction Survey

Results from the 2022 Student Satisfaction Survey show that overall Meredith student satisfaction levels have stayed positive. Meredith invited 1,295 undergraduate students to participate in the survey in the first week of February, and 590 students responded to the questionnaire.

The following are some highlights that show significant levels of student satisfaction with their Meredith experiences:

  • 92% of students are glad they came to Meredith
  • 91% are satisfied with their student experience at Meredith
  • 95% reported that faculty/staff members have shown interest in their development
  • 98% agreed that most of their courses were academically challenging
  • 93% indicated that Meredith offered them a variety of leadership development opportunities

In order to gather some qualitative data about the Meredith experience, the 2022 Student Satisfaction Survey asked students about “some of the most important factors that keep you at Meredith.” The following comments are a sample of the kind of responses we received:

Being a WINGS (Women in New Goals Setting) student, I love being part of a pretty amazing group of women. We are nontraditional students, and many of us are returning to college or transferring in from another school. This program is the reason why I chose Meredith specifically. I receive fantastic support being a nontraditional student!“ This student went on to commend the stellar services offered at Meredith, particularly those offered by the Office of Career Planning and the StrongPoints® Program. She added, “Overall, what keeps me at Meredith is the combination of these services and the fantastic individuals working within these departments. I always feel supported.”

“I like the small class sizes and location of the college. I like being able to be involved in different clubs and organizations. I also appreciate being able to build relationships with professors.”

“Meredith provides educational opportunities that aid me in developing my character and allow me to have impactful experiences in my program of study. Also, my surrounding supportive community of faculty and staff have positively influenced my decision to continue my educational career at Meredith.”

The results from this survey are used by a number of units on campus in their annual assessment processes and to make ongoing improvements, as well as by the Office of Student Success and Advising to reach out to students who have expressed particular concern(s) or are deemed a retention risk. A summary trend report will be available on the RPA MyMeredith page in the coming weeks – listed under Institutional Survey Reports. Please contact RPA if you need data in a different format or broken down by specific student group(s).

Thank you to everyone for working to enhance the experiences and satisfaction of our students.


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