Assessment Matters: NSSE Survey Results 

Meredith College First-year and Senior students participated in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) in spring 2020, with all results being collected prior to spring break, and hence prior to the shift to online learning due to the COVID -19 pandemic. The overall response rate was 52%. 

NSSE results include comparisons to other liberal arts institutions and other institutions that participated in the survey nationally in 2019 and 2020. The following tables highlight some of the specific questions that received statistically significantly higher than national ratings from First-year and Senior students in both of the national groupings.

Academic Experience

Meredith First Years and Seniors indicated that they engaged in the following activities during the current school year at much higher rates than their counterparts nationally.

  • Asked questions or contributed to course discussions in other ways
  • Explained course material to one or more student
  • Talked about career plans with a faculty member
  • Reviewed your notes after class
  • Summarized what you learned in class or from course materials


Co-Curricular Experience

Meredith students in both groups, First years and Seniors, said that they had attended an art exhibit, play, or other arts performance at a much higher rate than students in the national cohort. They also reported higher levels of emphasis on “providing opportunities to be involved socially” and “attending events that address important social, economic, or political issues” at Meredith. Additionally, First Years and Seniors credited Meredith with contributing to their acquisition of job – or work-related knowledge and skills at similarly high rates.

Inclusivity & Belonging

The following questions that touch upon inclusivity and belonging were also rated higher by Meredith’s First Years and Seniors.

Had discussions with …

  • People of a race or ethnicity other than your own
  • People with religious beliefs other than your own


Your institution emphasizes …

  • Encouraging contact among students from different backgrounds (social, racial/ethnic, religious, etc.)


Your institution contributed to …

  • Understanding people of other backgrounds (economic, racial/ethnic, political, religious, nationality, etc.)


Moreover, 92% of Meredith seniors rated their overall Meredith experience as “excellent” or “good,” which was also a higher rating than that of the corresponding national groups surveyed.  

For more information about the 2020 NSSE results, please contact Dr. Dianne Raubenheimer or Dilnavaz Mirza Sharma (at in the Office of Research, Planning and Assessment.  


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