Assessment Matters: Budget, Strategic Plan and Institutional Effectiveness

As we move into the budget cycle for 2017-18, it is important to remind those involved in budget discussions, that budgeting should also be informed by assessment results from both strategic planning and from institutional effectiveness processes. The diagram below shows the relationship among these concepts. Both processes focus on continuous improvement, that is, on evidence-based change.

“Institutional effectiveness is, at its heart, about quality” (Suskie, 2014). A college demonstrates institutional effectiveness when it fulfils the following five responsibilities:

  • Meets stakeholder needs, especially its students’ needs.
  • Keeps its promises by achieving its mission and goals.
  • Ensures the college’s health and well-being, and deploys resources effectively, prudently, and efficiently.
  • Serves the public good.
  • Demonstrates the college’s quality and effectiveness in fulfilling these responsibilities.

Marketing prospects survey
A comparison was made of undergraduate prospect responses to common questions on two surveys, one administered in 2012 and one in 2016.

In 2012, when provided with a list of North Carolina colleges and universities and asked to rank their top 6 institutions having a reputation for strong academic programs, 14.2% included Meredith in their top choices. Meredith ranked 12th. However, in 2016 the percentage of prospects rating Meredith in their top six institutions rose to 32.5%, an overall fourth place after Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State.

When asked to choose two statements out of four that best reflect what prospects are seeking in a college, in 2016 the highest statement chosen by 72% of prospects was that they “want an education that will help me explore and identify my strengths and then capitalize on them and apply them to my career interests.”

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
Just a reminder that the NSSE survey is being deployed to students through March 28. We have posted fliers around campus, but we also ask that you please remind students to participate in the survey, as this data is used by a number of programs as part of their continuous improvement efforts.

–Submitted by Dianne Raubenheimer, Director of Research, Planning and Assessment

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