Alumnae Association Hosts Spring Events for Students

On February 14, 2022, the Alumnae Association hosted a Valentine’s Day-themed Pop-Up event for all current Meredith students.

During this event, students received goodie bags packaged by members of the Alumnae Association Board of Directors and were able to enjoy hot chocolate and coffee refreshments.  Members of the Board of Directors were on hand to greet students as well as distribute the goodie bags.

Led by Jennifer Christenberry, vice president for student relations on the Board of Directors, the themed student pop-up events provide outreach opportunities to current students, connect current students with one another and alumnae, and allow members of the Alumnae Association to have a presence on campus.  They’re also fun, festive, and certainly bring some cheer to campus!  Students have enjoyed a chance to pick up goodies, and the two pop-up events held this year have each garnered an attendance of over 350 students.

Students, along with the entire campus community, were invited to attend an in-person campus birthday celebration in honor of the College’s 131st birthday on February 27.  After two years without an in-person celebration, it was wonderful to once again come together as a campus community.

The campus celebration opened with remarks from Vice President for College Programs Jean Jackson, ‘75, which highlighted all that we can celebrate over the past year and the many things we have to look forward to throughout the remainder of 2022. It also featured birthday treats, giveaways, hot chocolate, and postcards for our donors that members of the Meredith community were able to sign. 

Dr. Jackson’s remarks reflected on the strength and resilience of the Meredith community in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic while still recognizing the many things for which we should all be grateful.  She shared, “The strength of our world, the Meredith community, and certainly one another has been tested over the past two years as we have faced the ramifications of a global pandemic.  In the face of COVID-19, the Meredith community has shown strength, resilience, grace, and creativity.  We were able to hold in-person commencement ceremonies for the Classes of 2020, 2021, and are already looking forward to doing the same for this year’s senior class in just a couple of months.  This past fall we were grateful to resume some of our more normal activities – in-person classes, a return to conference play for our Avenging Angels athletes, amongst whom were members of the College’s first field hockey team, and finally, students returned to Italy, where they were once again able to study abroad and reside at the Palazzo Alberti in Sansepolcro, Italy.”

The Alumnae Association Board of Directors and Office of Alumnae Relations already have many other on-campus events planned for current students throughout the spring.  

Courtney Allen, ’10, president of the Alumnae Association, noted: “It’s important for current students to see alumnae on campus and have an opportunity to interact with us.  Doing so engages them while they’re students and will encourage them to get involved with the Alumnae Association once they graduate and turn their rings.  More than ever, our students need to know that we support them and are encouraging them while they live and learn during these unprecedented times.”

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