Admissions Advice Week 3: Memorable Meredith Moments

For this installment of our 2017 summer series, students share their most memorable Meredith moments.

“My most memorable experience at Meredith so far was my study abroad experience in Paris, France last summer. The head of our fashion department, Dr. Ellis, has strong global connections with several designers in France. Thanks to our extraordinary program, I had the opportunity to intern with Elie Saab in the ready-to-wear showroom. I also worked both men’s and women’s fashion week, working as a dresser backstage. During my stay I earned credits for International Retailing and French Fashion, both fashion electives.” – Blake Elmore, ’18, a Business Administration and Fashion Merchandising major from Lexington, N.C.

“My most memorable experience at Meredith is becoming treasurer for Class of 2019 and vice-president for Canaday Math and Computer Science Club. I am going to take on these positions next semester, and am so excited to work with other students and do great things together.” —Mary Kolisnichenko, ’19, a Mathematics and Economics major from Luhansk, Ukraine.

“My most memorable experiences at Meredith so far are all of the traditions. The traditions bring each class together and show the community, bonds, and sisterhood at Meredith.” –Kayla Satterwhite, ’20, a Psychology major from Oxford, N.C.

“The two most memorable experiences I’ve had at Meredith have been study abroad and Cornhuskin’. I did Meredith’s United Kingdom study abroad program and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in college. I had the opportunity to explore on my own and it helped me become more independent. Cornhuskin’ is so much fun and I feel like it helps each class connect and grow closer. I made a lot of new friends by participating.”—Kaitlin Toxey, ’18, a Psychology and Communication major from Raleigh, N.C.

“Watching the class of 2017 graduate. My Big Sis and her friends became a support system for me, and it was wonderful to see them glow with achievement as they crossed the stage. With the room darkened and the new alumnae holding their candles high, I realized that it was my turn to look forward to being a support system for a new group of bright, young women.” ––Jessica Bunn,’19, a Chemistry and Biology major from Wilson, N.C.

“Alice in Wonderland, performed by faculty and staff. It’s just once in a lifetime experience.” —Helina Biru, ’18, an Interior Design major from Ethiopia.

“Tea for Two, a sophomore tradition that you get to experience with a significant female figure in your life. I loved getting to experience it with my mom. It was such a memorable day where we were able to enjoy and reflect on the past years and years to come.” —Katelyn Steadman, ’19, a Biology major from Randleman, N.C.

“It is really hard to choose just one, because every day at Meredith is memorable. Even on bad days, I have learned a lot. On a challenging day, all of the students on my floor came to hang out and we talked about what was stressing us out, ate snacks, watched movies, and then proceeded to help each other with understanding class material.” —Yessy Anorve-Basoria, ’19, a Communication major from Apex, N.C.

“My most memorable experience was Cornhuskin’. Before I started at Meredith, I asked several returning students about Corn, and they repeatedly told me, ‘You just have to experience it!’ It was a wonderful night performing the scripts that we had worked extremely hard on for many weeks. Although it was cold that night, sitting on the bleachers and wrapped up in blankets, I never felt closer to my new sisters while we cheered on for our respective classes.” —Kristin Bradsher, ’20, an English major from Apex, N.C.

Look for more insight from Meredith students throughout the summer.

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