Academic Buildings Get New Controls

As part of Meredith’s ongoing conservation efforts, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) controls that allow temperature setbacks during non-occupied hours have been added to three academic buildings.

Martin and Ledford now have the controls necessary to implement night, weekend, and holiday temperature setbacks, which will help conserve energy and lower utility costs. Lux controls will be completed soon.

To accommodate those who may need to use the buildings outside regular operating hours, we have also installed a HVAC override system. HVAC override switches can be found on each floor of Martin, Ledford, and Lux, near a stairwell. These override panels are marked with a placard, that lists the override operating procedure.

If you are working in a building between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., Monday-Friday, or on a weekend or holiday, activating the override will set your floor’s space temperature to a normal business hour setting for a two-hour period. If you need more than two hours of override, the procedure can be repeated as often as necessary. Activating the override during regular business hours will light the green LED, but will not change the floor’s temperature settings.

A photo of the override panel is pictured below. Following the instructions, will place your floor’s HVAC system in override. A tutorial video has also been created, and placed on the My Meredith Energy Management website.

Activation of the override will be recorded each time it is used, giving us feedback on actual building usage. If you experience any HVAC issues in your building, you can report them using the online work order system.

–Submitted by Dave Lyons, Energy Manager

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