2016 CSA Day Exhibition in the Library

Celebrating Student Achievement (CSA) Day is the culmination of creativity, hard work, and dedication on the part of students and faculty advisors. These projects start with a spark of an idea in a student’s mind, then with research and faculty guidance can grow to become theses, presentations, and in some cases dance and music performances and even fashion collections.  When the Library Events Team started to meet last semester, one of the first projects undertaken was the creation of a CSA Day Display.

Jeff Waller, Head of the Events Team and the Reference Department, says, “We all love CSA Day, and this exhibit is our attempt to extend the spirit of that day throughout the year.”

After months of meetings, cross departmental conversations, and planning, the team is proud to unveil the exhibition on the main floor of the library. Waller and the team thought the library is an appropriate space for a year- round CSA Day Exhibition, since “most research and creation by Meredith students begins with a review of books and articles available through our library.  We wanted to celebrate how our students springboard from those raw materials to the amazing designs, studies, and explorations that they complete and present on CSA Day.”

The exhibition not only gives voice to our students’ talent, but one hope is that it will inspire other students in their own research endeavors. Prospective students who visit the campus can see what one can achieve as a student at Meredith.  The display is also a venue for students to showcase their projects to their parents when they visit the campus. Students can even put this exhibition on their resumes.

The posters and videos cover business, nutrition, physics, religion, communication and art history, among other fields. In the display case, and beside it, are gorgeous fashion ensembles from the fashion collections of three seniors who are graduating. If someone missed a presentation or the fashion show, the display provides an opportunity for them to see the work. A full list of the students whose work was nominated by faculty to appear in this display follows this article. The exhibition will stay up year round and the work will be refreshed every semester.

The CSA Day Library Events Team members are Donna Garner, Courtney Hewett, Rick McBane, Amanda Sullivan, and Jeff Waller.

Video Recordings:

  • Kimberly Hinton, “Connecting Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry through Synthesized Inhibitors and Succinate Dehydrogenase”
  • Mollie Melton, “The Function of Nature in Fairy Tales”
  • Amber Winslow, “Quality of Life Indicators in an Aging Population”
  • Melissa Jenkins, Brianna Crumbley, and Aditi Shrestha, “Religious Diversity in the Workplace”
  • Zainabu Otieno, “Optimum Portfolio Maximization Using the Black Litterman Model”
  • Alla Akiyeva, “Mechanical Turk in Public Policy Research: Two FTC Experimental Replications”
  • Illa Jones, “Surveying the Food Climate of Meredith College: A Qualitative Study”
  • Leah Mooney, “Marcel Duchamp and his Artistic Identity”
  • Kristen Rivera, Caleigh Thomas, Josette Roten, and Elizabeth Huss, “Preventing Hunger: Communication Fieldwork with Campus Kitchens”
  • Nancy Merritt, “Small Business, Big Storefront: The Use of Social Media in Reaching Customers”

Poster Information:

  • Latimah Bustillo-Arrechea, Health Effects of Plastic Used in Food Containers
  • Sona Salahuddin, Tatum Littlejohn, and Andie Woodson, Environmental Surveillance of Zoonotic Pathogens
  • Meghan Brooks, The Past, Presence, and Future of Child Life Practices
  • Vanessa Cupil-Garcia and Nyssa Tucker, Modifying the Structure of Ciprofloxacin to Synthesize Novel Bacterial Resistant Antibiotics

Fashion Display Information:

  • Sherronda Best
  • Donshell Covington
  • Madira Hoffman
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